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Mobile Devices in the Business World

wrote this article on June 5

The smartphone market exploded these last years with 1.8 billion mobile phones sold in 2013, 3.9% more than in 2012. In this context, brands are trying somehow to differentiate themselves from their competitors . And as in any battle, it shows winners: Android and Apple.

 The Android operating system has become unbeatable in terms of smartphones on the mass-market surpassing Apple. Despite this success, the iOS system continues to resist and is leading the global business market that is still growing. Whether mobile devices provided by companies or BYOD (bring your own device), the iPhone is, for the moment,  the indisputable reference in the business world.

Now, we let you discover details about how mobile devices became really useful tools in the business world  for professionals.

We can see that the advanced mobile devices available today, and the apps that accompany them, are changing the way businesses communicate with employees, partners and customers. And as a result,  organizations are supporting and managing devices and applications across multiple operating systems, form factors and lines of business.

But, organizations have become more aggressive on app blacklisting, with 18 percent of customers deploying this policy, an increase of 11 percent from the prior quarter. The most commonly blacklisted apps were Angry Birds, Facebook, Dropbox, and YouTube, while the most commonly whitelisted apps were Evernote, NitroDesk TouchDown, Google Chrome and Adobe Reader.

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