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Zoom Feature: Add colors to your groups of contacts

wrote this article on June 30

We’re very happy to introduce you this fresh new feature that will make your contact management easier and will contribute to set your very own organization.

Make your contact manager as unique as you are

Colors are a way of categorizing your contacts, your groups. There are 10 group colors available to choose in Connect. A group can only have one color. These colors help you to identify faster your contact types: family, friends, colleagues, customers, urgencies, etc.

Add colors to your groups

To add colors to your groups, long-press on the group name and select “Edit” in the menu that appears.  Then tap on “Colors” and select the color you want in the 10 colors available. By default, the color is blue.


Our users are really fans of this new feature, hopefully you’ll love it too! Feel free to reach us on Twitter, Facebook or send us an email, we’d love to hear about the groups you create in Connect to manage your contacts.


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