Missed calls : 3 tips for a Mobile - Free Holiday

3 min readMissed Calls : 3 Tips for a Mobile-Free Holiday

July 20 2016 | Customer Service, Sales

Summer vacation is coming! The countdown has well and truly begun! You have your suitcase open in your bedroom, swimsuit, sunscreen and towels are neatly arranged inside. As usual, you try not to forget an essential item so that you don’t miss any phone calls and remain available: your cell phone charger. And what about leaving it at home this year?

Indeed, it is difficult to decompress when an unhappy customer calls you at 10am while at the pool or your manager when preparing the barbecue. Taking time off of work and getting some rest and relaxation is essential.

To go away on holidays with peace of mind, it is possible to anticipate and organize your absence: thanks to Dexem Smart Call Routing, your calls will be handled while you are on vacation.

Discover our 3 tips to switch off your phone on the big departure date!


# 1 – Multi-Destinations Routing: redirect your calls easily

When you are on vacation, Dexem’s efficient and effective multi-destinations call routing service will enable you to redirect all your incoming calls to another available number (another employee, a call center, switchboard operators…), according to predefined rules you setup before going on leave, such as backup agent or second destination number.

To maximize the chances that your calls will be rapidly answered, configure redirection to several numbers when possible. Thanks to that solution, you protect your vacation while having peace of mind that your calls are being professionally dealt with.


# 2 – Time-Criteria Routing: set up your holidays hours to redirect your calls

If you choose the routing solution, you define your closing hours and your voicemail greeting before you leave on vacation. You can enter your team members’ email addresses so that they receive your audio messages to handle them while away on vacation.

You can also schedule the transfer of your customer calls to other team members according to their own schedule, to specific dates and times, without even ringing your handset.

If your business closes down for the holiday period, you can also configure exceptional closing days. When a customer calls you, he will be notified by a message that your company is closed on that specific period, that you got a notification of his call and that you will call him back after the holidays: “Thank you for calling [Company Name]; we are currently closed for the holiday. Please leave a message and we will call you back when we return ». Calendar routing is designed to provide you an efficient customer support when you are on holiday.


# 3 – Caller-Id based Routing: give your best customers the “VIP” treatment

You certainly have some ‘Premium clients’ or important quotes in progress with some prospects that you do not want to miss during your holidays. With the Dexem Premium Caller feature, add your VIP clients’ phone numbers to a whitelist, and then choose the agent who should receive theirs calls when you will be on holiday. You offer your premium clients the treatment they deserve.


During your vacation, your business calls are handled and customers are taken care of by experts from your company or from a call center, thanks to Dexem Smart Call Routing. There are many options available, and services can be custom-tailored to your specific needs. You can enjoy your holidays completely, relax and enjoy the season with family, friends.

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Where are your top holiday destinations for relaxing without your mobile phone? Do you always travel mobile-free? Or are you tempted to try it for the first time this year?

We would be interested to hear your opinions in the comment section below! Have a great vacation!