Genesys optimizes marketing budgets by using valuable call data from Dexem Call Tracking

As a world’s leader in solutions dedicated to customer relationship, Genesys helps companies from many sectors to optimize their call...


Create Custom Alerts in Call Tracking and Cloud IVR

You can now define custom alerts in your Dexem account. This feature will notify you of any call transfer outlier,...


Call Tracking: What’s New in HubSpot Integration

New updates are now available for HubSpot integration. You can now easily activate the integration with your HubSpot IDs, thanks...


Fastmag doubles marketing lead attribution with Dexem Call Tracking

Fastmag is a software publisher for retail, especially focused on payment, e-commerce, B2B, production and business intelligence. With more than...


Call Tracking: Block Unwanted Calls

You can now block calls from specific caller numbers on the tracking numbers in your account. Calls from blocked numbers...


How Abilways optimizes marketing ROI with call data provided by Dexem Call Tracking

Abilways is an expert in professional and continuous training, offering services and advice in 8 spheres, including marketing, sales and...

Call Tracking - Salesforce integration

Call Tracking : Automate phone lead creation in Salesforce

We are constantly working on new integrations between Dexem Call Tracking and the tools you are using daily. Our goal...


How Dexem Call Tracking helps BYmyCAR to strongly increase marketing ROI

BYmyCAR is an automotive group, with car dealerships selling new or used vehicles of 18 brands in France. As the...


Paritel makes a 20% decrease of Google Ads acquisition costs with Dexem Call Tracking

Paritel is a B2B telecom operator in France with more than 25 years of expertise. They are equipping around 34...

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