1 min readCreate Custom Alerts in Call Tracking and Cloud IVR

May 28 2021 | News

You can now define custom alerts in your Dexem account. This feature will notify you of any call transfer outlier, as well as network or provider-related breakdowns. More, you can use custom alerts to know exactly how well your inbound calls are meeting your goals over a period.


Set alert conditions

An alert is based upon a condition. And you get notified when this condition is realized over a period.

In your account, you can add new alerts in the Reports tab. First, select the period and the tracking number or voice application related to this alert. Then, define the condition connecting a metric (number of received calls, number of answered calls or % of answered calls) with a value (is greater than 50%, is equal to 0, …).


Below are a few examples of alert conditions to set:

  • When the number of received calls is equal to 300.
  • When the % of answered calls decreases by more than 50%.
  • When the % of answered calls is lower than 25%.


Receive alerts by email

In addition to just viewing notifications in your account, you can receive them directly in your mailbox, when an alert condition is fulfilled.

For this, go to the alert’s edition form, and check the option to be notified by email. Then, write down the recipient email addresses, and they will be notified with an automatic email when an alert is generated.


So, when these people receive an alert, it will appear as follows in their mailbox :



Any question about custom alerts and how it works ? Feel free to browse the dedicated articles in our Call Tracking help center, or simply contact our team for a live discussion.