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3 min readCall Tracking : Automate phone lead creation in Salesforce

March 17 2021 | Marketing, News

We are constantly working on new integrations between Dexem Call Tracking and the tools you are using daily. Our goal is to help you fully benefit from call data, by merging it with tools that matter for you, and link it with the rest of your marketing data. Thus, here is everything you need to know about our Salesforce integration.


Salesforce integration: when marketing comes to support salespeople

You are already using Dexem Call Tracking metrics to manage your marketing campaigns. Now, with Salesforce integration, this data can help your sales teams too. Here are the main benefits of this integration for you and your salespeople.

  • Save time, boost productivity

You no longer need to create a lead or an activity for each inbound call, as they are created automatically in Salesforce. This way, salespeople can fully focus on interactions with leads & customers, and close more deals.

  • Handle high-potential leads first

For each phone lead in Salesforce, you know exactly the marketing campaign the lead came from, and even the pages he or she viewed before the call. So, your teams can easily identify high-potential leads and prioritize them.

  • Enhance your sales pitch

Salespeople can see which pages the caller has viewed even before picking up the phone. Then, your teams already know the purpose of the call, and so they can answer right and quickly.

  • Attribute calls to Salesforce campaigns

Attribution of phone leads to Salesforce campaigns is simple. Thanks to this, you get real-time and accurate data on any type of campaign you are running through Salesforce: outbound calling, emailing, TV or radio spots, flyers, …


Create automatically new leads for business inbound calls

By integrating your Salesforce account with Dexem Call Tracking, you automate lead creation for each call received from your tracking numbers. You can also decide to create a new lead only if the caller number is not found in your Salesforce account.

When a new lead is created, its default values are New Company for the Company field and New Phone Lead for the Name field.

You can custom these two values, and also select Lead Status and Lead Owner in accordance with your Salesforce environment.

Automatic Salesforce Leads creation for phone calls


Report calls as activities for your leads, contacts and accounts

For each call, you can choose to attribute a new call activity to a new lead, or to an existing account, contact or lead if the caller number is found in Salesforce.

Activities can be created at the beginning or at the end of a call. They can also be created at the beginning and updated at the end of the call.

Here is the call data available in Salesforce activities (and in Dexem Call Tracking as well):

  • Web session data: channel, viewed pages, landing page, custom fields you have set in Dexem Call Tracking…
  • Call data: Caller number, called number, call duration.


Let’s imagine a visitor came on our website. He has visited our homepage, our Dexem Call Tracking page, and our Clients page. Then the visitor came back to our product page and called us. Here is how it would look like in Salesfoce as an activity:

Automatic Salesforce Activities creation for phone calls

Up to you and your teams to complete these data with inputs from the phone conversation: name, company, summary of the call…


Unleash the power of Salesforce integration

Contact us to activate Salesforce integration in your Dexem Call Tracking account. Then, just get to Integrations tab, and connect your Dexem Call Tracking and Salesforce environments in a few clicks.

That’s it! Now, your calls and call data are synchronized in real time with Salesforce.



Any questions? Feel free to contact us !