1 min readGenesys optimizes marketing budgets by using valuable call data from Dexem Call Tracking

September 2 2021 | Marketing

As a world’s leader in solutions dedicated to customer relationship, Genesys helps companies from many sectors to optimize their call center infrastructure, or implement bots and various automation services.

To efficiently measure their acquisition, marketing team at Genesys has been looking for a tool to focus on inbound phone calls, as phone leads are often more mature. Then, the company has set up an internal decision committee, which has found out that Dexem Call Tracking was best fitting the requirements of Genesys.

After a first implementation in 3 regions, Genesys decided to implement our solution in more than 10 countries. Dexem Call Tracking is now providing them an accurate segmentation of inbound calls by marketing channel. More, their marketing, sales and customer relationship teams can better align by sharing call data that is relevant to them. These data are automatically collected in the company’s CRM, and analyzing phone calls by channel allows Genesys to optimize their budgets on the long term.

Once Dexem Call Tracking was implemented, the data it provided allowed us to redefine our call-to-action strategy.

Paul André, Senior Digital Marketing Manager EMEA

This is the success story of Genesys, where you will see how the company succeeded at collecting valuable marketing data from their inbound phone calls.