How Abilways optimizes marketing ROI with call data provided by Dexem Call Tracking

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Abilways is an expert in professional and continuous training, offering services and advice in 8 spheres, including marketing, sales and media. Today, each of these spheres has a dedicated website, from where new clients can call Abilways to sign up for trainings.

The goal of the group is to analyze traffic sources leading to each website (SEO, Google Ads, emailing, …), in order to measure how efficiently these sources can generate phone leads. So, Abilways decided to set up Dexem Call Tracking to identify the origin of their inbound calls, and establish their marketing ROI.

Then, Abilways can easily manage their call data and users, with a single environment to access every Dexem Call Tracking account for each website. Thanks to an integration, they can also analyze these data directly in Google Analytics and Google Ads reports, and combine them with online acquisition data.


Dexem offers a simple setup, reactive teams and far more accurate features in their Call Tracking solution.

Marion Ferracci, Group Marketing Director at Abilways


This success story shows how Abilways has implemented Dexem Call Tracking. Download your copy now!


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