1 min readParitel makes a 20% decrease of Google Ads acquisition costs with Dexem Call Tracking

February 24 2021 | Marketing

Paritel is a B2B telecom operator in France with more than 25 years of expertise. They are equipping around 34 000 VSB and SMB all across the territory. As they have progressively diversified their activity, today Paritel teams offer their clients a complete range of services: fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, or payment and video monitoring solutions.

To strengthen and stimulate growth, marketing teams at Paritel are namely investing in Google Ads campaigns. With Dexem Call Tracking, Paritel can find out which keywords, ad groups or Google Ads campaigns are generating inbound calls to the company, in addition to online conversions. Then, marketing teams are measuring with accuracy their Google Ads campaigns’ profitability, and this allows them to optimize investments.

As they access call data in Google Ads through an integration with Dexem Call Tracking, marketing teams at Paritel can also analyze in Google Analytics the other traffic sources their inbound calls are coming from. And more valuable data about their online visitors’ journey is available for them.


For better investments, we needed to identify and analyze the calls incoming from sponsored links campaigns, and measure their ROI by ad groups, or even by keyword!

Donya Laidoudi, Digital Manager at Paritel



This success story shows how Paritel is using dynamic call tracking by web session to optimize their Google Ads campaigns. Download your copy now!