Do you really know how many phone calls you’re missing?

3 min readDo you really know how many phone calls you’re missing?

April 19 2016 | Customer Service, Sales

Did you know that you can get three times more sales conversions after a phone call than after filling an online form? Such a potential is crucial for you to talk with more leads, increase your sales performance and revenue. So you have to get organized to answer as many phone calls as possible. Sure you already did the most difficult lead generation part. But now you also have to make sure your callers are received well by your sales force.

So, do you really know how many percent of your leads’ phone calls you don’t answer? Though, these leads are the easiest to get because they take the initiative to interact with you, and you can accompany them all along the buying process. As regards your business, it is very important for you to define in which context you unfortunately have missed phone calls, so that you can react efficiently to turn them into answered calls.

How many Missed Phone calls you have and Why

Let’s have a look on your situation!

Depending on your business sector and your internal organization, several factors can bring you to miss some phone calls. Take a few minutes to think about it, and ask yourself relevant questions about the context your clients are given to call you. When do you have the greatest number of missed phone calls? Who is normally in charge of taking these calls, and why are they not managing to do so? Once you identified in which conditions you may be missing phone calls, you can draw efficient conclusions from the data you will be analyzing.

Analytics tools are the answer!

You have to make your investigation with concrete data about your inbound phone calls, and especially about those you missed. The Call Tracking tool enables you to get an overview on how many inbound phone calls you have exactly, and if they are answered or not, how long they last, etc. Thus you know precisely how many phone calls you missed, when and on which destination numbers. And now you have objective data about the context, to improve your rate of answered phone calls.

Lower your missed calls and answer them

Redirect your inbound phone calls easily and efficiently

The keyword to optimize your phone calls management and bring ideal answers to each of them is anticipation. If one of your agents happens to be unavailable to answer a call, just redirect it to another standard (another agent, a call center, …) by following predefined indications of yours. For example, configuring as many redirection numbers as possible can help you to increase chances of answering the phone call by the main destination number’s overflow, and thus not making your caller wait too long.

Call them back faster than your shadow!

According to a study led by Velocify, a lead called back within one minute is more likely to get converted by no less than 400%! On the next minute, this rate decreases by more than a half, and becomes only 168%. So every second is precious, and you have to use reliable and adapted tools to increase your reactivity and call back your missed phone calls. Then you have everything to succeed in contacting a caller very quickly. For example, you can access your calls history report and configure email notifications that will be delivered to you. The faster you call back your leads, the greater your conversion rate will grow.