4 min readWhy should you integrate Call Tracking with your CRM?

December 1 2020 | Marketing, Sales

One of the main goals of a good CRM tool is to help you automatize your sales tasks management, may it be dealing with new opportunities or keeping in touch with customers after a deal closing. In this, your inbound phone calls play an essential part in your communication with your leads and clients, and so they naturally fit into your CRM. And to collect accurate call data and better understand where your callers are coming from, you can analyze inbound calls with our Call Tracking solution.

The good thing is that Call Tracking can be perfectly integrated with your CRM, so you save a lot of precious time while managing your phone calls. Here is concretely what you can take out of it.


Keep your phone activities automatically up to date

When a lead or client calls your company, the sales or customer relationship manager picking up the phone needs to sum up the call in the CRM once it is over. Then, it can seem endless to fill in manually all the required fields to update the activity related to this contact. And it goes the same for new and already existing contacts in your database as well.

Given that a sales or customer relationship manager can receive and make up to several dozens calls per day, it can bring them to a considerable amount of time spent just for filling up the CRM. Then, integrating your CRM with Call Tracking allows your teams to save all these precious minutes, with call data being automatically sent to your CRM when you receive a call on one of your tracking numbers.


Generate new contacts directly after a call

Depending on the CRM you are using, a contact can also be called a lead. It is important to understand that a lead or contact can be defined with specific data, including his or her phone number. Pretty often, you can even configure more than one caller number for a single contact (stationary, professional mobile phone, …).


Through integration, the connection established between Call Tracking and your CRM allows a fluent and automated contact creation if needed, based on the caller number.

When you receive a phone call on a tracking number, Call Tracking sends the call data including the caller number right into your CRM. This number is searched in your existing contact database, and if not found, a new contact is created automatically with pre-defined parameters (default name, contact owner is there is one, …). If a contact with this caller number already exists, a new phone activity will be added for this contact.


In case an existing contact calls you with a different number than the one saved in your CRM database, you can easily update your contact with this new number as well.


Analyze your callers’ behavior with call data

In addition to caller number, Call Tracking gives you access to a lot of inbound call data, which you can also directly find in your CRM.

  • Date and time of call
  • Caller number and called number
  • Call status: answered or missed
  • Call duration


These can also include specific information about the origin of your callers, and the pages they visited before their call:

  • Traffic source: organic search, paid search, advertising portals, email campaigns, …
  • Browser
  • First touchpoint of your contact with your company (page, campaign, …)


And if you are using dynamic Call Tracking by Web session, you can get a detailed insight of the pages visited by your leads before their calls to your company.


All these data are an unparalleled goldmine for marketing teams. They bring you a deeper knowledge of your callers’ behavior, and what’s more, you can learn a lot about your communication channels’ efficiency when it comes to generate inbound calls. Besides, your sales colleagues get more contextual information they can use to optimize need qualification during calls.

Last but not least, your inbound calls data are complementary with other conversion channels’, such as online forms. With all this information brought together, you have an overall approach on your marketing efficiency to drive in qualified leads.




Can your CRM be integrated with Dexem Call Tracking? For sure it can, since our solution can be connected with any CRM tool available on the market (Salesforce, HubSpot and more). If your company is running its own CRM, your call data can also be sent there from Dexem Call Tracking, thanks to an API or a webhook.

If you have any question about our integration with CRM tools, we will be happy to talk to you and help you optimize call management in your company.