1 min readA Peek at the all new DataTable Calendar

October 5 2012 | Customer Service, News

DataTable allows you to manage data tables – such as a list of shops, a list of sales people or a list of VIP codes for example – which are used in your IVR to qualify and route calls.

Thanks to the feedback of one of our clients, who is currently testing DataTable, the management of your calendars becomes more powerful!


Manage opening hours during holidays and exceptional closing days

You are now able to configure different opening hours during holidays, even day by day during holidays. And you can also add or delete exceptional closing days for each of your calendars.

This new easy-to-use feature allows you to refine your call routing and message broadcasting on some particular days and time slots of the day.


Manage several calendars at once

You now have a new screen where you can select multiple calendars you want to change. And then, you can change opening hours depending on the days of the week and even – thanks to feature one – also manage opening hours during holidays and exceptional closing days for all at once.

This new powerful feature allows you to change several calendars at once. Here is an example: you have 25 sales people and you need to manage all their calendars; it might be great to do it at once, right?

First, go to the multiple calendars selection screen (the one above), and then select the ones you want to change. After, configure opening hours, holidays and closing days for these calendars (the screen below). Save and perfect, you made it at once!


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