1 min readChange your Waiting Music Safely

June 4 2013 | Customer Service, News

Today, we have an interesting tip to share with you. We already experienced this situation with one of our customers and this could be very useful for you too.

The waiting music of an inbound IVR is important because it contributes to the brand name identity, reassure the caller if he already knew the service and make the waiting time nicer.


Change the waiting music: fast and easy!

Our customer was able to modify his waiting in a few clicks. You can also change your transfer music in a trice too!

In the specification file, the waiting music of your IVR matches a specifically audio file. Take “waiting_music.wav” for example. Then, when you’re in the “Audios” tab in the management interface, add a new file named as the same one in the specification file. The new uploaded file will automatically renew the old one and your waiting music will be changed without downtime. Note that if the new file doesn’t have the same name as the existing file, the waiting music will not be changed.

Waiting Music is easy to change in VoicePublisher

And that’s all! Now, let’s play the music!

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