1 min readDetect the Caller’s Language based on the Dialed Phone Number

June 19 2013 | Customer Service, News

Today we will introduce you an interesting case resolved by our support team for one of our client. This client uses a multi-language service and would like to improve the caller experience displaying automatically a welcome message in the right language.


Ask the caller to select a language

One solution to do so is to start the telephony application with a DTMF menu. The caller selects manually its language to navigate in the service. This solution is efficient, but the caller has to listen several welcome messages in different languages first. So we tried to go further beyond with automatic language detection to make the call more pleasant.


Automatically detect the caller’s language

Our client uses different phone numbers in each country, as a lot of companies do in the same situation. We based the automatic language detection on these numbers. In VoicePublisher, several phone numbers can be used in a single telephony application. So we simply adjusted the Cloud IVR script to display a specific welcome message depending on the number called by the caller.

For example, a customer based in Germany calls our client’s company with the local phone number. The application identifies the number and displays directly a welcome message in German.

This way, our client offers a better experience to its customers.

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