Dexem response to COVID-19

Dexem's Response to COVID-19
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As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to evolve, especially in France, we want to let you know that Dexem has a comprehensive plan in place to ensure de availability of our software services, and of course, the security of our staff.

We originally shared some information about our plan last Monday, march 9th, in a LinkedIn post. And because the situation has moved on over the last couple of days, and will probably move on in the next couple of days, we want to share more information about Dexem response to COVID-19.


Business continuity

While many businesses are forced to remain closed for an indefinite period, since March 15th, we want to ensure you that Dexem keeps all its operations running.

Availability of our platform services

We know that your phone services are very important to your company. And in the actual situation, where urgency and remote working are now a reality more than ever, phone calls are a communication channel which helps you keep good relationships with all your contacts (customers, partners, suppliers, employees).

We set up a business continuity program to deliver a very high level of security, reliability and uptime during this blurry period. Moreover, the diversity in our infrastructure gives us some flexibility to ensure the core technology is operational in the event of any potential crisis situation evolutions.

Availability of our teams

Until further notice, all our teams are now operational and available. You can simply reach them by email or phone to the contact information you are used to use. And you can also reach us directly thanks to the following contact form.


Health and safety for Dexem employees

We place the highest priority on the welfare of all the people who work at Dexem. We have implemented several measures, since Monday March 2nd, to ensure the health and safety of our staff.

These measures include remote working for all Dexem employees as soon as they need, the suspension of professional travels, improving hygiene within our headquarters, and encouraging people to obey the right dispositions for health and hygiene at home.


Working remotely with Dexem products

In this very unexpected situation, we do know that our customers and partners really need to work remotely.

Log in to your Dexem account

Our products are made to be used wherever you want, safely. As an Admin or an Agent, you can log in to your Dexem account, like you do usually. You will have access to all the features, to keep running your phone services and analyze calls behaviors.

Update the destination numbers for your calls

As a consequence of sending all your staff at home to work remotely, in a few days, you may need to update the destination numbers of your phone systems to make sure your employees could be reached. This kind of updates could be done at any time, in real time, directly from your account. If you have any doubt about how to proceed or if you are unable to do so, please feel free to ask our support team for assistance.

Create new phone numbers quickly

If you have to setup new phone numbers very quickly to be available for your customers, partners or employees, you can order new ones from your usual Account Managers. We’re organized to be super reactive to any demand.




We deeply understand that this can be a very difficult period for your teams and company. Please, rest assured that Dexem is doing everything it can to help. And reach out to us at any point, if we can do more or if you have any question.

Take care,
The Dexem Team.

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