Feature highlight: audio format automatic conversion

1 min readFeature highlight: audio format automatic conversion

February 2 2016 | News

We’re so excited to introduce you an exciting feature that will really make your life easier, when using audio files in our products to play several kinds of messages during a phone call.


Automatic conversion

Your recording studio provides you the audio files you need for your voice application. But sometimes, well, the files you get are not in the right format required for the voice service. And here you go for endless round trips with the studio to get the right format, which generally results with project delays (and you definitely don’t need that!)

“Pure Happiness!”
L.Sallard (Orange Business Services)

With our products, you can upload your audio files in different formats (.wav, .vox, .mp3), and they will be automatically converted into the format required for the vocal services.


Step-by-step Process

In the “Audios” tab, you can access to all audio files of your account. To add a new audio file, just click on the “Add” button at the top right corner of the screen.


Then select the file you wish to import from your computer. Files in .mp3, .wav and .vox formats will all be automatically loaded and converted into .wav files.

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You can add a description to your file (optional). It can be the content of your audio message or information about the language used in.
Click on “Create” to end up the uploading. Your file is now available on your list of audio files in your account.