How to activate a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in Voice Publisher

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Here is an interesting interaction with one of our clients about managing their Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in VoicePublisher.

This customer is an Online Travel Agency in Asia. They use 2 outsourced Call Centers – that we would call Call Center A and Call Center B in this post – one in Europe and one in India, to manage new bookings (hotels or flights among others) in Call Center A and customer service for existing reservations in Call Center B. To optimize call qualification and call routing from different countries, they use a hosted IVR powered by VoicePublisher.


Make changes on call routing easily thanks to
our hosted IVR solution

As the business grows up for this company, they needed a BCP in case of troubles. And as nature of business is quite different, one is sales whereas the other is services, they originally did not plan to use the two sites as fail over. But when they built the BCP, they wanted to be able to route exceptionally calls from Call Center A to Call Center B in case of serious problems on site A, and vice versa.

As they firstly did not consider this option, they wondered if they would be able to make changes on routing easily or if that should be a new implementation.

Our answer was definitely yes! We answered them that, thanks to their hosted IVR, they just have to log in to the Voice Publisher management interface and make changes they want. And this is one strongly advantage of hosted IVR, they allow you more easily and fastly to manage multi-sites call routing.


3 clicks to make changes on routing
in VoicePublisher

As VoicePublisher is a cloud platform with a web-based management interface, customers have directly access to the configuration of transfers’ destinations in the “Destinations” tab.

Then, they can select “Edit” for the item they want to change. For example, in this case I select “Edit” for the item “Flight Booking in A” and I arrive on the destination page to edit.

On this page, customers will be able to select others destinations in the drop-down list. In my example, I select a “Destination in B”. I save it with a third click and calls for new flights bookings (originally in A) are now routed somewhere in B.


Conclusion: no more than 20 seconds
to activate a BCP

Thanks to hosted IVR, call routing is simple to manage through the VoicePublisher management interface. Making changes manually on routing is easy, fast and requires no extra-costs.

For more complex configurations, some of our customers want to automate more deeply their BCP. We are currently in the design process of a new feature, called DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) to address their needs. When available, I’ll make a post on this powerful feature.

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