3 min read10 Digital Marketing Twitter Accounts We Are Following

August 25 2016 | Marketing

Benchmarking is part of our weekly to-do-list in our Marketing team at Dexem. For 2 main reasons: to stay up-to-date with customers’ evolving expectations and activate the best marketing levers for our Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Twitter is one of the social media we use to keep up with best practices. Today, we share with you 10 Digital Marketing Twitter accounts we are following. Those Digital Marketing Experts share their tips, journey, successes and failures, online with their community.

Anne Handley – #ContentMarketing

Ann Handley (Head of Content at MarketingProfs) is a pioneer in the Content Marketing Industry. In her posts, we learn about managing and creating engaging Marketing Content. And we love her inspirational quotes!

Brian Clark – #ContentMarketing

Brian Clark is the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital previously known as Copyblogger media.  He gives us advices on how to target and grow our audience from his own experience: he has started eight successful businesses so he knows what he’s talking about!

Jay Baer – #ContentMarketing

Jay Baer is the President of ConvinceandConvert, one of the most innovative digital marketing companies in the world! His insights about how to improve the ROI of quality content in B2B marketing are unique and brillant.

Alex Turnbull – #Storytelling

Alex Turnbull is the founder and CEO of Groovehq. He does an admirable job in his posts where he writes about his own company story (ups, downs, successes, errors, etc.). He goes into detail on how he has increased his traffic and turnover thanks to Digital Marketing «We are learning a lot and so will you». We love his step-by-step transparency to show what works and what does not!

Rand Fishkin – #SEO and Marketing Technologies

Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz– a software rocking the SEO and inbound world! He has built an impressive online community of over 1 million marketers. He is very generous about giving away his amazing technical SEO expertise.

Larry Kim – #PPC & #SEO

Larry Kim is the founder of the pay-per-click management-software-company WordStream. We learn a lot about Digital Marketing in his posts and we like his personal touch to engage with people: his humor in his own commentaries to what he links and his emoji 👏🚀 💪🦄!

The following experts are French.

Fred Cavazza  – #MarketingTechnologies

Fred Cavazza is a Consultant with more than 17 years in the Web and Marketing industry for large organizations and major brands. In his posts, he gives us precious information about E-business, Product innovation, User Experience, Architecture, usability, and Web 2.0

Isabelle Mathieu – #SocialMediaMarketing

Isabelle Mathieu is a Social Media Expert. In her blog Emarketinglicious , she gives advices to increase your Social Media presence and help your business grow.

Yann Gourvennec – #BtoBMarketing

Yann Gourvennec (founder of the agency Visionary Marketing) is a BtoB Sales and Marketing specialist. In his posts, he explains how alignment between Marketing and Sales is the largest opportunity for improving business performance today.

Olivier Andrieu – Abondance #SEO

Olivier Andrieu (Founding editor of the website Abondance, specialized in Search). He helps us stay up-to-date on SEO best practices.

And you, what are your favorite must-follow Twitter accounts about Digital Marketing? Share them with us by posting them in the comments section below!