5 mobile apps every sales expert should have on his smartphone

6 min read5 Mobile apps every Sales expert should have on his smartphone

May 31 2016 | Sales

Today more than ever, you need your smartphone in your work. It allows you to be reactive towards your customers’ requests, organize your planning, or take part in meetings with your colleagues from all over the world, all of this at the same time. Though your mobile experience and your contacts’ as well would be even better if you have a look on the specific mobile apps designed for Sales experts.

According to a study released on the ActionCo website, more than 60% of the managers who would agree to use mobile apps estimate that the top-priority objective of these apps should be to allow professionals to be more efficient and operational. And for this, they need to be able to access every information they need at every time, and make their company’s image go modern. As a Sales expert, you certainly also wish to achieve these goals, and mobile technology will enable you to reach even more.

So here is our selection of the 5 must-have mobile apps your Sales weapons should include in 2016!


1- The App for taking care of your e-mails

See the organization of your e-mail box as a first capital step to increase your own effectiveness. For this, downloading platforms are full of great apps ideas for you. They can allow you namely to improve your synchronization process with all of your e-mail boxes, or receive notification when you receive a new message. None of your e-mails should be forgotten, every person you talk to is important. Some very complete apps such as Airmail even offer features like split screen and a PDF converter. As an example, here is a user comment about this application (source iTunes):

“I have used many apps before finding the one that would fulfill my expectations, and now I can say Airmail is doing even more than reaching these objectives. This is a very complete app, just as I wanted it to be. It is fluent, with many options and optimal graphics.”

Examples: Airmail, Gmail, CloudMagic, Boxer or FrontApp 


2- The App for organizing your contact list

When you work in business, your professional contacts increase through time. May they be your clients, colleagues or partners, the listing will be getting longer and longer, and you will need to quickly find who you need to talk to. Today, you can download a specific app to create contact groups and view them directly. Thus you will no longer be looking for a contact by scrolling down your alphabetical contact listing, and then save a very precious time. This will also enable you to add or remove contacts from groups as fast as easily.

At Dexem, our Product Manager Olivier Jaouen said a few words about the Connect app : “As you can intuitively organize your contacts by making lists, you are allowed to work with the address book that is adapted to you. You can easily reach your favorite contacts, you are told when you have a contact to call back, and you know precisely who your current prospects are. This app also enables you to establish clear connections between your colleagues, and if you happen to forget one of your contact’s identity, they will all be ordered so you can find them without any effort.

Connect makes a focus on an excellent customer experience, and thus Sales experts can be more productive on the tasks they do several times daily.”

Examples: Dexem Connect, CamCard, LinkedIn


3- The App for improving your CRM

Your work rhythm as a Sales expert is continuously evolving and adapting your customers’ needs and decisions. This involves you will be moving more often, and also that you will have to accomplish several tasks at the same time. For this, a CRM mobile app is the most effective that will help you to manage all of these aspects.

Examples: Sellsy, Highrise, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot

Here is how Alain Mevellec, founder of Sellsy, defines the solution this app can bring to Sales professionals:

“We conceived Sellsy with a Web and mobile approach from the very beginning, considering that Sales experts move more than ever today, and also that companies do no longer stop living at a specific hour, as they constantly have to adapt their clients’ needs.

This strategy’s main objective is to make the Sales, or even any business experts being able to have a global and immediate insight on their clients at any time and from any place.

Sellsy allows you to view your current opportunities, quotes, support tickets, time passing by and much more with a single interface. This cross and precise information will be very valuable for you to answer all your clients’ requests, and not only those you are used to work with.”

Lynette Kontny, Chief Operating Officer at Highrise, also describes how this app can today answer the needs of Sales experts:

“Highrise is a flexible CRM and contact management tool that will help you and your team stay organized. 

  • Collaborate on contacts, emails, notes, and more.
  • Share an address book with your whole company.
  • Track tasks and set reminders.
  • Integrate with productivity and communication tools like Wufoo, Zapier, Easy Insights and many others.

Highrise is like a Superhero utility belt for communicating with your contacts or customers. Use it as a CRM, a help desk, group email client, newsletter generator, or company address book.”


4- The App for optimizing your agenda

When you’re just happy because you managed to write a good planning for this week, you are assigned to a dozen of new meetings, and here we go again! This is another aspect of your work that will make you choose a digital planner rather than a paper one. What’s more, now you can access mobile apps that are more and more focused on the user experience. So you will be able to view your whole week planning at a glance. Last but not least, you have to be able to edit your planning easily, and make sure that all the most important events you have this week are the ones you see first!

Here is how the Android-MT website describes the app Sunrise Calendar :

“It is quite hard to find drawbacks in this app. As we said during the testing process, the time for synchronizing data can be a bit long. The language pack could be improved, namely by adding French. But these little drawbacks mean nothing beside a precise interface and an easy and intuitive configuring area that allows you to get straight to the essential, and many other assets we will let you discover on your own. To sum up, an app we recommend if you think that the app set by default on your smartphone does not respond to your expectations. If you are just like us and you want to design your smartphone the way you like, then we recommend you Sunrise Calendar.”

Examples: Sunrise, UpTo, Calendars 5


5- The App for finding the best place for dinner

Business is also about seizing the opportunity to invite your client or potential business partner at a good restaurant! There is nothing better than a delicious meal and a warm atmosphere to convince them to deal with you, isn’t it? And Frenchies like us will never forget to tell a few words about this essential aspect of your work. So, with an appropriate mobile app, your smartphone will be ready to help you to find the best places around. You will also succeed in taking only a few seconds to book for free a table in the best restaurant in your town. That will make everyone happy!

Examples: Restaurant Fnider, OpenTable, Urbanspoon