5 Reasons to start with Call Tracking when You are a Digital Marketing Expert

4 min read5 Reasons to start with Call Tracking as a Digital Marketing Expert

January 19 2016 | Marketing

Today, if you wish to learn more precisely about your visitors’ behavior on your website, you can use online tools such as Google Analytics. Besides, your digital marketing campaigns also generate many phone calls from your audience. Call Tracking aims to measure how many phone calls are provided by each of your marketing supports, by associating a specific phone number to each of them.

Your roles as a team member expert and the core of an online audience both require you to adapt easily and to be very precise in your work. Your objectives are to make profit by generating some cost-effective leads for your business, and also to be able to measure them in a detailed way. Thus, you have to know who exactly calls you from a number related to your Web supports and how.

So, here are 5 good reasons to reach your marketing objectives by starting with Call Tracking now!


1. Call Tracking enables you to adopt the best digital strategy

When you are building up your online audience, it evolves constantly. Your strategic choices have to be done by following the efficiency of the digital supports your audience uses to contact you. Indeed, you may know globally whether a marketing campaign is a source of profit or not, but to know exactly how often your marketing supports are visited by tracking the phone calls it generates also remains necessary.

Call Tracking can bring an efficient solution to this problem. You can match a phone number with each of your digital supports, and then determine their profitability. What’s more, by using the DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) tool, you know which page your calling visitor came from to reach your website.


2. Call Tracking allows you to check your campaigns’ results in real time

You may take the best strategic decisions, their impact will be different from your expectations if they are implemented too late. Moreover, as digital marketing has to be aware of what happens on the Internet, everything can change very quickly. So you must be able to access your results instantaneously to have an overview of your marketing actions.

Starting to work with Call Tracking enables you to consult right now the detailed reports as regards your marketing channels’ profitability. The precious time you win with this process makes your action plan far more efficient.


3. Call Tracking measures precisely the leads generated by your marketing supports and their ROI

Your priority lies at the same time in optimizing your budget for your campaigns, and bringing more and more people to get interested in what you are doing. These objectives can be reached together only if using a very precise tool that can also prove with hard figures that your performance is still at the level of your team’s expectations.

By using Call Tracking, as you have an immediate access to the amount of phone calls generated by your different online supports, you can identify which of them are the most profitable, and then adjust your investment with the ROI you obtained. You do no longer have to spend more to be able to generate more leads and turnover for your supports.


4. Call Tracking helps you to determine your real cost-per-contact

People who visit your website usually become prospects by filling out a form or by calling you directly. Generally, the leads generated by forms are quite easy to be counted, you would also like to know precisely how many leads you obtained with phone calls.

Thanks to Call Tracking, you can visualize detailed reports about who called you using a phone number associated to your online supports. Thus, you immediately obtain a proof of an exact number of leads generated by telephone, and it can be mentioned as part of your budget. As you keep the same total budget, you will reduce your real cost-per-contact.


5. Call Tracking provides more quality and expertise to your work

If you use Call Tracking for your marketing operations, you can justify the conclusions you have reached by precise results, which increase the strength of your arguments. Your team needs a relevant content to elaborate your company’s action plan online. They will appreciate your reports and feel more comfortable with their quality.

As regards your customers, their first expectation is to deal with a professional who can show them some concrete elements and certainty. Reassuring them with hard figure, percentages and so on, you will be more easily likely to develop a customer service based on confidence and transparency.


Eventually, Call Tracking is a helpful solution for the experts who work in the field of digital marketing. It is a professional tool conceived to allow your work to be more precise and legitimate towards your customers and your business team.