5 signs that your customer is ready to buy

4 min read5 Signs that your Customer is ready to buy from you !

June 7 2016 | Sales

You have been waiting for this moment since the first words you said to your prospect, and maybe it was your objective today! So good job, your customer listened to your arguments and finally chose you as the professional to rely on. Then how can you detect the signs in your clients’ behavior so that you can foresee these good news even before they say it?

If you know what these clues exactly deal with, then you can strongly believe in a successful perspective for your final sales and be more self-confident about what you’re saying. What’s more, this is also necessary to enable you to control the rhythm of your arguments: the meaning is that when you feel your clients are likely to sign your contract, thus it becomes risky to go on with giving him arguments. Indeed, they could grow fed up with them, and even change their mind as regards their final decision.

Now you can decode your phone leads’ attitudes, have developed some of your Sales skills and know how to take advantage out of your clients’ most common objections, this article will allow you to successfully handle the most crucial part of your conversation with them!


1st signal: They read in your mind


“Yes, of course I see your point!” is the typical sentence your clients would start to repeat enthusiastically every time you would tell them a new argument if they are ready to conclude the sales process. And after that, if they tell you the exact idea you were about to express, this is very good for you. Because there is nothing better that being on the same wavelength to make your ideas get similar. When they use this kind of telepathy, your clients also better understand your position and so they are more likely to follow your ideas. Outstanding!


2nd signal: Their objections disappear progressively


Now rather than setting up barriers, your clients would better ask you some questions. They are very curious about your offer, and every detail raises their interest. Thus, the more you answer their questions, the more they become precise. What can you deduce from this, my dear Watson? Your clients are really interested in your product or service, and you seem to succeed in convincing them to try it. Indeed, they accepted to take some of their precious time to get more information about it, and that is the most powerful proof of trust they can give you.


3rd signal: They start to calculate


This must be the most rational behavior your prospects may demonstrate in your favor. When they begin to use phrases that seem to come straight from a math scholar book, this means you have great chances to end up with new clients! Eventually, they would ask you for the price of your offer, and this can even strengthen your assumptions to make them sign your contract, because it makes things become more concrete. The best situation would be if your clients include your offer in their assessments: this means that they would gladly agree to try it!


4th signal: Their gesture means everything


We all know how gesture is important when it comes to communication. What’s fascinating is that your customers’ body language can tell you many things about their state of mind, even before they show it through words. Thus, when you see them uncross their arms or their legs, or lean forward on their chair or just being more relaxed, this means their mind is widely opened to what you have to say. And don’t forget the most important clue, their smile! It will take you less than a second to match their facial expression with their final decision.


5th signal: They imagine the future with you


What will happen in one, two, or maybe ten years if they choose your offer? If they seem to be wondering about this, congratulations! Because when prospects definitely do not wish to try a product or service, they often prefer to talk about what they currently have to solve this problem, or even about your competitors’ solutions. By making such projections, they express an increasing interest in what you do and what you offer them. Thus become their wise guide and advise them when they start to describe potential situations in which your product or service could help them!


Eventually, count all the clues you have: obviously, the more of these signs you can detect in one of your prospect’s attitude, the bigger are the chances that he or she finally signs your contract! However, be careful if there are only one or two of them: your prospect may have been smiling a lot at the end of the conversation, or just having quite few objections about your offer, and that would not mean you have won the battle. But if you see that your customer starts finishing all your sentences, keep going because you are probably well on your way!