As a Digital Agency, how will Call Tracking help you to develop your business?

3 min readAs a Digital Agency, how will Call Tracking help you to develop your business?

March 2 2016 | Marketing

“You’re in marketing for one reason: Grow. Grow your company, reputation, customers, impact, profits. Grow yourself.” Through this Mark Schaefer’s analysis, you can see how it is important for a digital marketing expert to get into a development process. You are also likely to care about this a lot.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, marketing changed in many ways because of the Internet growth. Now, marketing is more and more about focusing on ROI and how to measure it, as well as on the efficiency of your actions. Your clients invest on several marketing supports such as websites, emailing and Google Adwords. And then, you measure their lead generation through their online campaigns by using reliable tools like Google Analytics. But what about lead gen over the phone?

Call Tracking is a solution that enables you to follow your clients’ lead generation and conversion, depending on marketing supports that drive them to call you. You can associate a tracking number to each of these supports, and then determine which of them are generating phone calls for your clients. Thus, thanks to Call Tracking, you can complete your agency’s offer and develop your business perspectives. And concretely, you can generate more revenues, increase your customer loyalty and get a unique brand image!


Start to generate new revenue

Call Tracking can be included in all your offers. You can manage this tool with your personal account, and access in a few clicks the reports displaying your clients’ inbound phone calls on his/her various marketing supports. Then Call Tracking is a solution you can easily offer and sell.

You can also add Call Tracking as an option to what you already promote. Thus your global webmarketing offer’s quality will get better for SEO, Google Adwords campaigns, email marketing, social networks and so on.


Get your clients loyal

Your clients want you to deliver them data on their marketing campaigns inbound phone calls. Call Tracking provides you all the results that can prove your supports’ efficiency and tell exactly how many calls they receive. So you can attract them and keep them by your side with such a solution. Call Tracking also completes the measures you can get from Google Analytics for your online traffic.

What’s more, the data you are given with Call Tracking allows your clients to manage their marketing investments, and as they know their ROI, to be able to optimize their activity. Then this is a part of a significant increase of the leads they generate by phone by using a performant and transparent tool. And positive client experience undoubtedly means their loyalty for you!


Get unique to their eyes

Let’s show to your clients they were totally right to trust a digital agency. You can bring them the best, and offer them a professional and innovative solution with Call Tracking. You can also bring more value to your own offer, and your clients will be appealed by your modern image.

Thus, for you Call Tracking is an unavoidable added value, and it allows you as well to evolve in a relevant way with the recent changes in digital and mobile marketing. According to the data provided by the communication agency Vanksen, the time we daily spend on our smartphones doubled since 2012, and today it is more than 2h10! For digital professionals like you, it stands for as many opportunities to reach your marketing target, and especially to get unique to your clients’ eyes by using tools like Call Tracking!