2 min readCall Tracking : the 5 main advantages

August 6 2013 | Marketing

Did you ever receive unexpected prospect call ? Do you know which one of your advertising campaign is the most effective ? Do you know where your leads come from ? If you are pondering over those questions, then keep reading this article. Here are the reasons why you can, or even should, use Call Tracking.


Measure the ROI of your advertising campaigns

Nowadays, many solutions exist for you to get new prospects. For example, you can create Offline and Online advertising campaigns using different medias such as TV, radio, your website, press advertisements, and so on. However the question is : which one of those campaigns is the most effective ?

For some of those medias it is easy to get information in order to measure their effectiveness. As for an example, for your online advertisements you can use Google Ads which provide statistics to optimise its use. While cost-per-clicks for lead generation is easy to define and measure, it gets more difficult to measure your cost-per-calls, to assess the origin of your calls, and overall to measure your ROI.

Call Tracking makes it possible and easy.

Call tracking is a solution which tracks your phone calls, and in return provides information such as the origin of the in-bound call. The trick ? Different numbers are allotted for each of your different communication channels.

In a few words, Call tracking will :

✓  Define the origin of your call

✓  Measure the effectiveness of your different multi-channels campaigns

✓  Generate new leads and improve your ROI

✓  Make it impossible for you to miss any leads or calls

✓  Optimise your advertising campaigns


Dexem provides you a simple and effective Call tracking solution

We are aware of those challenges, and that is why we developed a Call Tracking solution adapted to your needs.

Our web-based solution is easy to use and doesn’t require any installation on your devices. You can manage everything on internet via our secured platform which provides statistics and data regarding your inbound calls in real time.

We provide you phone numbers (it can either be Toll-free,  Geographic or Premium-rate) depending on your requirements for your Offline and Online advertising campaigns. Our solution is adapted to your needs and can be adapted through time and accordingly to the development of your company : our service support is always ready to help and advice you.

In case you have any question regarding Call tracking and our solution, please feel free to contact us.