Call Tracking for Automotive Industry

3 min readCall Tracking for the Automotive Industry: Key Benefits

October 26 2016 | Marketing

As an automotive industry professional, you communicate on several advertising media to increase your visibility. You need to measure the ROI of each channel to identify the most profitable ones to continue to invest in.    

But how do you know if you are spending too much on your inbound leads? Web form conversions are easy to measure. But what about your inbound calls? By linking your campaigns and phone conversions, our Call Tracking product allows you to accurately calculate the ROI of your advertising investment.            


1/ Compare the advertising effectiveness across different media

In the automotive sector, most of the leads that contact you by phone do it after:

A visit on your website (after a Google search or a click on an AdWords ad)
An ad on a car dealership website
A promotional SMS
A newspaper insert advertising

It is therefore important to measure the number of inbound calls from each online and offline channel. With Call Tracking, you can compare the number of qualified leads generated by each of these marketing media.


2/ Optimize your marketing budget

Call Tracking data are essential because they allow you to integrate phone leads in the overall calculation of ROI. By calculating your cost per contact for each channel, you identify the channels that generate the most qualified leads, on which to reinvest. Conversely, you can review the budget you allocate to those you think are less efficient.

When you have several points of sales (car dealership, automobile repair shop), you can also compare the performance of each store and each of communication channel. You include unique phone numbers, so-called tracking numbers, for each point of sale and marketing campaign. You can compare, for example, the performance by car dealership of a commercial operation such as an ‘open house’.


3/ Provide an efficient and qualitative phone greeting service

In our competitive environment, each call is a potential customer. But are you well-organized to answer the phone properly and win business? In car dealerships, your salespeople are often busy talking with customers and cannot answer all their inbound calls. In garages and vehicle repair shops, you often have urgent calls (breakdowns, oil sumps…), and if you don’t pick up the phone, your potential customers will call a garage nearby.

Call Tracking can help you measure your missed call rate and identify the origin of these missed calls: days of the week, time, phone numbers. By using the several features of our solution to optimize call processing (phone redirections, audio messages, missed call alerts), you reduce the number of missed calls. And you have accurate data on the quality of your phone greeting by point of sale.


Call Tracking provides you additional data to strategically drive your advertising investment and better control your budget. By optimizing costs on least effective communication channels, you improve your margins and profitability.


Want to know more about Call tracking? Discover how our Call Tracking product helps you optimize your marketing campaigns.