What is Dynamic Call Tracking?

Call tracking is becoming a must-have for companies who wish to measure how many phone calls they receive from their...


Google AdWords – Call Tracking
Your phone conversions made crystal clear

Thanks to your Google AdWords (or Google Ads) Search campaigns, you can track clics, filled forms or online sales. And...

This is the Perfect Year to Leverage your Marketing ROI with Call Analytics

This is the Perfect Year to Leverage your Marketing ROI with Call Analytics

On behalf of the whole Dexem Team, I sincerely wish you a happy new year ! 2017 will follow the...

Call Tracking for Automotive Industry

Call Tracking for the Automotive Industry: Key Benefits

As an automotive industry professional, you communicate on several advertising media to increase your visibility. You need to measure the...

Call Tracking : Let's Demystify Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Call Tracking: Let’s Demystify Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a feature of our Call Tracking product that is used to complement your Web Analytics...

Interview SEO Expert Olivier Andrieu - Search will be Mobile, Vocal and Semantic

Interview with SEO Expert, Olivier Andrieu: “In 2017, Search will be Mobile, Vocal, and Semantic”.

Recently, we had the chance to interview Olivier Andrieu, recognized as a search engine pioneer and expert since 1998. In...

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