Call Tracking : Let's Demystify Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

2 min readCall Tracking: Let’s Demystify Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

October 19 2016 | Marketing

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a feature of our Call Tracking product that is used to complement your Web Analytics approach, bridging the online-offline attribution gap between your website traffic acquisition, and your phone conversions. What happens for example if a visitor clicks on your AdWords campaign, arrives on your landing page and decides to call you? You track the click but not the conversion! If you don’t integrate phone conversions by traffic source to calculate your cost per contact, you have an incomplete view of your ROI.

Find out how Dynamic Number Insertion will help you to improve the analysis of your website conversions, depending on your traffic acquisition channels.   


Quick and easy to set up

Dynamic Number Insertion is very simple to implement, and completely transparent to your visitors. This feature allows you to replace dynamically via Javascript, a phone number displayed on your website, with a tracking number depending on the origin of visitors.


Adapted to all traffic acquisition channels

The implementation of Dynamic Number Insertion is adapted to all traffic acquisition channels that you use on a daily basis, to increase the number of visitors on your website.

• AdWords campaigns
• Social Media
• E-mailing campaigns
• Display
• Direct access
• Referral
• Blogs
• Etc…


Objective and user-friendly data

1/ Complete and accurate statistical reports

In your Call Tracking account, you have access to your phone conversions data by traffic source. You can easily compare the effectiveness of your different traffic sources and identify those with the best ROI.

2/ A performance analysis down to keyword level

Dynamic Number Insertion allows to identify which keyword led the consumer to your website and made him call your company. You can optimize over time the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns targeting the most relevant keywords.

3/ Your phone conversions in Google Analytics & AdWords

By integrating your Call Tracking account with your Google Analytics account, you can view your phone conversions as events in Google Analytics, by traffic source, and in Google AdWords, by keywords, ad groups and campaign.


Thanks to Dynamic Number Insertion on your website, depending on the origin of visitors, you measure your phone conversions for each web traffic acquisition channel. With those data, you can measure and manage your return on marketing investment and effectively drive your traffic acquisition campaigns.

If you want to know more about Dynamic Number Insertion, check out our article Track these 8 traffic sources that drive phone leads’.