Google Analytics - Dexem Call Tracking Integration

2 min readNew: Dexem Call Tracking integrates with Google Analytics

July 6 2016 | Marketing, News

We are very proud to announce that you can now connect your Dexem Call Tracking account with your Google Analytics account. You’re just 2 easy steps away from never missing out on valuable data again!


Go further in your website traffic and conversions analysis

Integrating Dexem Call tracking with Google Analytics is a great option for marketers. You sure already use Google Analytics to analyze what drives visitors to your website. You already know how many visitors read your contents on your website and what pages they visit. But do you know how many online visitors decide to pick up their phone to buy your product?

Here are the benefits of using the powerful integration between Google Analytics and Dexem Call Tracking:

  • Broad and comprehensive analysis of your online marketing campaigns from each source separately
  • Time savings through automated consolidation of your conversion indicators in a unique interface
  • Identification of the campaigns that generate the most qualified traffic (via your website and your incoming calls)
  • Evaluation of the conversion path to understand what behavior drives online visitors to call you, how long it takes people to convert and how channels interact along the way


Declare easily your Google Analytics account in your Call Tracking account

To activate this new feature, simply add your Google Analytics ID in the campaign settings of your Dexem Call Tracking account.


Every time someone calls one of your tracking numbers, Dexem will send the information to your Google Analytics. Dexem Call Tracking solution allows you to view in real time the calls received on your tracking phone numbers as events in Google Analytics. You can consult each received calls in more detail.


Track Events as Goals in Google Analytics

You can also view consolidated data on phone calls generated from your website. You create a conversion goal into Google Analytics so that a call reception be considered as the objective achievement.


You can then view the phone calls as the realization of this objective, in addition to seeing them as events.


Thanks to this integration, you will get an exciting insight in how many users from each source actually pick up the phone, as well as where they have been on your website, and which channels are resulting in calls. To make the most of your marketing and get more out of Google Analytics by integrating Dexem Call Tracking, activate now that new feature on your Dexem account!

Please let us know if you have any concerns or general feedback related to that integration. We would be happy to schedule a demo with anyone that has additional or more involved questions.