Track these 8 traffic sources that drive phone leads

4 min readTrack these 8 traffic sources that drive phone leads

September 13 2016 | Marketing

As a Digital Marketing expert, your biggest challenge is to generate the largest number of leads in a way that remains profitable for your business via online marketing campaigns. Your website’s visitors come from different channels such as social media, direct access or Google Adwords. How do you know which channels are the most effective for you?

Nowadays, analytic softwares such as Google Analytics allow you to understand your visitors behavior and how they interact with your website. But what about your phone conversions?

Call Tracking provides you an effective answer to this problem. In this article, find out 8 traffic sources for which you can easily demonstrate phone conversions.


1/ SEO

When you know that 75 % of global Internet researching a product or service online begin by using a search engine, it is essential that your website ranks the highest on the search results page (Google, Yahoo, Bing ….). SEO is a thorough job that takes time and discipline. With Call Tracking, you have a global vision of the results of your online campaign, and you can see all your incoming and missed calls from the number associated with SEO, as well as the calls duration.


2/ Google Adwords

In parallel with SEO, Google Adwords Sponsored Link play an important part in the wide range of traffic sources.  With Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), when a user clicks on one of your AdWords campaign, the phone number on your website will dynamically change and be associated with their session, keeping local or national geographical numbers.

If you add call extension in your adds, you can also integrate a tracking number.

Traffic Source

Traffic Source


3/ Referring sites

A referring site is any website (blog, online directories, press, forum, affiliate, etc.) that sends visitors to your website. We know that search engines really like it when you have other sites pointing to yours. It shows you as an authority in your space.

If a user arrives on your website following the visit of a referring site, the phone number on your website will dynamically change and be associated with that session. You will be able to measure phone calls generated by each of these referring sites and identify the most profitable ones.

Traffic Source


4/ Direct access

Direct access to a website occurs when a visitor arrives directly on a website, without having clicked on a link on another site. The visitor knows your URL and enters it directly into his/her browser’s address bar. You can attribute a unique tracking number in order to analyze the phone conversions triggered by the direct access on your site.


5/ Display

Display is an attractive advertising media because it is very visual with its various formats: videos, banners, headbands. When you are an advertiser, it is important to choose the most efficient format. Do you know how many visitors called you after clicking on your banner ? With Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), when a user clicks on one of your display, the phone number on your website will dynamically change and be associated with their session.


6/ Social Media

Social medias allow to establish a close relationship with users. What happens when a visitor visits your social media page? Do they visit your website? Do they pick up the phone and call your business. With Call tracking, you can get the analysis of what social media campaigns and channels drive website visits and phone calls, enabling you to better track the effectiveness of your online campaigns. You can assign a different tracking number for each of your social media (Facebook, Twitter…). Thanks to Dynamic Numbers Insertion (DNI), the phone number on your website will dynamically change and be associated with that social media.

It is also possible to track :

  • Calls following clics on publications
  • Calls following clics on ads (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads)


7/ Blog

In Inbound marketing, a blog is the best way to boost your SEO and develop brand awareness. To measure lead generation from your blog, you can measure phone leads generated by Dynamic Numbers Insertion (DNI).


8/ E-mailing

Call Tracking is also particularly used in email campaigns. By adding a tracking number on the different types of emailing campaigns, it is easy to compare their effectiveness. You can determine the most effective types of emails, and best days and times are for sending emails.

Traffic Source


Call Tracking helps you measure the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns. By assigning a unique phone number to different traffic sources, you get accurate data to reallocate budgets across all acquisition channels and make the right decisions for your marketing budget.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or general feedback related to those traffic sources. We would be happy to schedule a demo with anyone that has additional or more involved questions.