1 min readCojecom agency raises clients’ ROI by spotlighting inbound call data with Call Tracking

February 16 2021 | Marketing

Cojecom is a communication agency founded in 2003 next to the French city Lyon. They started going digital in 2010, and now they are working with many clients from all spheres on online acquisition projects.

As a true data-driven actor, Cojecom has developed its own software solutions to create, manage and analyze performance of their clients’ highly personalized campaigns. In this process, the agency also includes data from inbound calls in their reporting. This way, they show their clients how efficiently their marketing actions are performing.

With Dexem Call Tracking, Cojecom has implemented tracking numbers right into their own tools and platforms, thanks to an API. Then, they can accurately and transparently share data with their clients about their conversions related to inbound calls.

For Cojecom, Dexem Call Tracking became a differentiating tool. With such added value for their clients, the agency has fully included call tracking into their offers.


Our goal is to capture all the ROI generated by our campaigns, including inbound phone calls.

Jérôme Soleymieux, Director at Cojecom


In this customer case, you will see which challenges Cojecom can take over with Dexem Call Tracking, and how they have integrated our solution in their current services.