Agencies, Prove Your AdWords Phone Conversions (Down To The Keyword Level)

Agencies, prove your adwords phone conversions
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Agencies, you manage your customers AdWords campaigns. You want to get the absolute best results for your clients. In fact, your clients demand maximum results. The biggest challenge you face every day is “How to provide the most accurate cost-per-lead so that your customers continue to invest in digital with your agency?”. The solution: build an approach to understand and use ROI analysis by consolidating data. If you develop an actionable web analytics strategy with your customers, you will get better results and you will maximize loyalty.

You already know how to measure conversions from online forms. Now you have to integrate phone calls conversions. You will be able to prove more conversions for the same budget. Discover how Call Tracking is essential to demonstrate the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns, down to the keyword level, and increase customer loyalty.


1/ Integrate Call-Conversion attribution data

In some industries, inbound calls represent more than 50% of leads. This phenomenon will evolve as mobile has redefined the consumer decision journey for shoppers. Thanks to Google AdWords call extension, phone calls become a natural CTA, especially with the rise of Google AdWords campaigns for mobile devices. Mobile users can click directly on the ad phone number or call the number posted on the ad landing page. They do not hesitate to call to get a quick answer to a question or to buy a product, instead of filling out an online form.

According to a comScore study, 43% of conversions made after a web search are made over the phone and posting a phone number on an add increase the conversion rate by 15% in average. By using online forms and phone calls as conversion metrics, you have a global view of the performance of your actions to generate inbound leads for your customers. The calculation of the cost-per-lead will be based on comprehensive data.



2/ Identify the keywords that generate calls

With the development of online marketing investments, it is important to understand the keywords that led visitors to filling out your contact form or calling you. Call tracking allows you to track phone conversions back to the exact keywords that are driving calls, conversions, and sales; you can also find out if the keywords or CTA are the same or different depending on the nature of the conversion: email or phone. You can re-allocate your budgets and target only the keywords that have the most value for your customer activity.



3/ Reduce the cost-per-lead of your customers’ campaigns

With Call Tracking, it becomes possible to measure all phone leads generated by your different marketing campaigns (AdWords, SEO, emailing …), and to determine the profitability of each of them. For the same budget, you reduce your cost-per-lead because you integrate in your calculation the total number of leads generated, both by phone and by contact form. You can adjust your marketing budget based on reliable data. Spend better and convert more efficiently.

Adwords Conversions


4/ Stand out from your competitors using a ROI approach

Call Tracking is a great way to stand out from your competitors. You plan, monitor and evaluate your customers AdWords campaigns, always with a ROI vision to maximize return on investment. You integrate Call Tracking in your offer as a Web Analytics approach for your agency. You implement for your customers an effective traffic acquisition strategy. You are the one who brings effective and innovative solutions.


Attribution has become the most important challenge to justify your work and satisfy your customers. Face to the evolution of digital marketing, it is essential to analyze the conversions of both your online forms and phone calls to get the most accurate cost-per-lead. Your customers will be satisfied and will continue to invest with you.

You want to track all your customers’ traffic sources (SEO, emailing, social media …)? Discover all the possible traffic sources that drive phone leads through Call Tracking on our dedicated blog article.

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