Call Tracking for Franchises & Multi-Location Businesses

Call Tracking for Franchises & Multi-Location Businesses
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You can be proud of your ability to manage franchises on a national, or even international scale. Each of your points of sale is singular as regards its geographic position and the operational challenges it implies as well. As a marketer, because you have to promote your activity by following a global and a local strategy at the same time, your missions are thus twice more crucial.

Analyzing your ROI and the results of your marketing campaigns is the best way to think to get able to manage your marketing strategy efficiently. What’s good news, now you can implement an innovative tool to help you to measure how efficient are your marketing supports, based on the phone calls they generate. This tool is Call Tracking. By associating a tracking number with your supports, you know where your phone calls exactly come from, and you can then complete your ROI calculation. Call Tracking also gives you a great opportunity to standardize your telephone greeting system, and not to miss a single call anymore.


Measuring your network’s marketing performances

Each of your points of sale depicts an image of your company that stems from two marketing strategies, global and local. You wish to operate efficiently by measuring the performance of the marketing campaigns you implement by following both of these strategies.

Firstly, Call Tracking allows you to verify that your campaigns generate phone leads for your network. Secondly, you can measure the exact ROI you perceive thanks to your marketing supports. For example, that was the challenge Schuller group answered by deciding to use Call Tracking. Thanks to this tool, you can also access analytics that will enable you to analyze and compare your marketing campaigns’ performances in real time, and for each of your sale points.


Standardizing your phone greeting system

Wherever your points of sale can be located, you need a relevant image for your network, and a quality phone greeting system is the key for this. On the one hand, you can thus compare your offers more easily, and then define your KPIs on global and local scale. On the other hand, your customers will consider you a reliable and established brand.

With Call Tracking, all of this becomes true! You can standardize your phone greeting system for your whole network thanks to all this tool’s features: greeting messages, messages to display during opening hours, calls redirection, … Wherever he will call, your customer will be happy to deal with real professionals.


Not missing any call thanks to your network

Let’s get back to the operational challenge we mentioned before: even when located in the same city, your points of sale can have different opening hours. And what’s more, your agents can sometimes be unavailable to answer every call they receive. Though, as a professional, you know that your customers’ time is precious, and that you must be able to answer each call.

Call Tracking can also help you with this! In the case your phone standard is busy or your point of sale is closed, you can redirect the phone calls you receive to another point of your network or to your global call center.


Thanks to Call Tracking, you have all the features you need to measure the efficiency of your marketing performances for your whole network and each of your points of sale as well. You can manage your inbound phone calls in your personal account online, and also configure tracking numbers for all of your points of sale, add personalized messages for each of them and get some accurate data about your phone calls.

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