Call Tracking for Real Estate Companies key benetifs

3 min readCall Tracking for Real Estate Companies : key benefits

September 9 2016 | Marketing

Real estate lead generation is evolving. 90% of home buyers search online during their real estate search process. Within seconds, you are able to search and find whatever you need to about your future house on the Web. It is not an option for real estate businesses to have a digital presence, it’s an absolute necessity.

To build a strong online visibility, you have several ways: Property portals, emailing, Blog and Marketing Content for improving your search engine ranking, advertising campaigns, Social Media …

In order to optimize your marketing investments, you need to think about ROI and marketing campaigns analytics. Which property portals generate worthwhile leads? What is your Cost Per lead (CPL)? What is your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)? You can have access to an innovative tool to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns based on the number of calls they generate: Call Tracking.


1/ Compare the advertising effectiveness across different media 

In the Real Estate Industry, the acquisition cost is relatively high. Therefore, it is essential to spend on portals and media that bring the most qualified leads. Analyzing the origin of each lead will allow you to compare the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns: what marketing action has generated this call? How did the lead find you? With Web Analytics, it is easy to measure Online Lead Generation through the website contact forms you receive.  However, it is more difficult to identify with precision the origin of your inbound calls.

Call Tracking will allow you to collect data on received calls for each number and assign them to your acquisition campaigns, advertising media, traffic sources and visitor sessions.

By posting tracking numbers on your advertising media or associating a tracking number to each traffic source through dynamic insertion of numbers (DNI) on your website, you measure the most effective web traffic sources (Google Adwords, SEO , Social media, Referrals , Ebook, emailing … ) .

Call Tracking Immobilier


2/ Generate more leads and improve the ROI of your marketing investment

In order to make the right budget decisions, you need effective dashboards in order to get a detailed ROI analysis.

On your Call Tracking interface, statistical reports are available in real time for all campaigns, all tracked numbers and sources. You get the number of calls for each campaign and compare the effectiveness of the different sources you used. You also have access the call history with the list of missed calls; the sooner you call back your leads, the best conversion rate you will get.

Thanks to the integration of Dexem Call Tracking with your Google Analytics account, you can view in real time the calls received on your tracking phone numbers as events in Google Analytics. You create a conversion goal into Google Analytics so that a call reception be considered as the objective achievement.

Call Tracking Real Estate

It is also possible to integrate Call Tracking with your real estate CRM with an API to manage all stages of the funnel from leads to sales.


3/ Measure the marketing performance of your franchise network

If you are a franchisor or franchisee in real estate, you can also compare crosswise performance of each of your agencies and each communication channels. For this, you integrate different local tracked phone numbers for each franchisee by marketing campaign.

Finally, with the features associated with Call Tracking (Voice greeting before call connection, messages outside opening hours, call forwarding, etc …), you standardize your franchisees’ phone greeting  to give an ever more professional image.


With Call Tracking, you get a clear view of your digital presence; you optimize your budget by giving priority to acquisition channels that get the best ROI.