Please, Open Hours First !

How many times did you browse the whole tree of an IVR before learning that the service you wanted to...

Speech Attendant

Here is an interesting cas study we just deployed for one of our clients about a Speech Attendant application. This...

Voice Publisher Admin for Mobile

We are very excited to introduce you today the Mobile Web version of VoicePublisher Admin, available on smartphones and tablets....

Soon on your Mobile

Following several interactions with our clients on the ways to improve the management interface, we’ve learnt that some of them...

A Peek at the all new DataTable Calendar

DataTable allows you to manage data tables – such as a list of shops, a list of sales people or...

How to activate a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in Voice Publisher

Here is an interesting interaction with one of our clients about managing their Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in VoicePublisher. This...

Dexem AI

Call transcription, summaries, semantic analysis.

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