How can digital agencies offer their customers new opportunities ?

5 min readHow can Digital Agencies offer their Customers new opportunities?

June 15 2016 | Marketing

What is the real meaning of new opportunities in digital marketing today? Actually, they are resulting from several circumstances digital agencies have to make happen. Now, for this, you can use more ways to communicate between people and companies, may they be marketing channels or keywords.

Because digital agencies have to follow these evolutions at a very fast pace, they have to face more and more challenges today. Indeed, not only do they have to take in account each of their clients’ specificities and values, but they also need to make them being heard on the Internet… And make sure it allows them to attract new customers! This is getting into more and more accurate process, for which agencies have to be constantly paying attention to their environment. This is the only way for them to find gold nuggets that will make their clients succeed online. And this article will be helpful for you to create your own gold mine!


Take their best side


Each of your clients has a singular history to tell. And your part of the job is to learn a maximum of it to match it with the most relevant marketing channels online and communicate the most engaging messages about it.

For example, let’s say you have to create a website for your customers. They usually have a specific graphic charter to communicate about their company online and offline, and you must take your inspiration from it. The same about the way they write their content and the tone they use in it: extract only the things that work to optimize user experience on your website.

What will generate real opportunities for your customers is the added value you will get from mixing up your digital expertise and the best elements your client already has, and not only making your own process. This will surely give you a magic potion effect for your digital campaigns!


To shine, react faster than light


We already said a few words about how you should always be on the alert because of the current transformations occurring in marketing. What’s more, today everybody can buzz and be seen on the Internet, but the real opportunity is when their reputation online is positive.

For each of your clients, you will have to use your digital screen and filter the marketing channels that will be the most relevant according to the message your customers wish to communicate. And don’t forget that if your AdWords campaigns are effective at one specific moment, it doesn’t mean it will go this way forever.

Right at the first good results you have from your marketing actions, ask yourself what the next step would be. What could happen to make things change, and what could you do to overpass these changes? In your project, what are the constant and the variable factors? This is what you do by always keeping an eye on your digital tools: anticipating to generate opportunities.


Use rockstar-performing tools


As you progressively elaborate answers to your customers’ marketing questions, you have more and more results coming in, may they be explicit or not. And what you have to do is to interpret them to detect opportunities for customers. The more analysis tools you have to store and control this data, the more your reporting will be complete and efficient to realize your “digital watch”.

Today, you can use Google Analytics to get some very precise information about how many people visit your customers’ channels online, and how visible they get thanks to this. And are you also able to see who decides to contact them by phone from one of their traffic sources? For this, Call Tracking has an increasing success in digital agencies, because this tool allows them to access very accurate reports on their customers’ inbound phone calls, and these reports efficiently complete Google Analytics’. Call Tracking also enables you to identify the most powerful of your online traffic sources that bring to your clients the largest part of phone calls. You can see many different ways Call Tracking can be used to develop your business here.


Be happy to help in any way


Your customers have also raised their awareness about the issues and the tools that are currently trendy in digital marketing. Thus, some of them will less be expecting you having a total control on their campaigns than simply contributing with your advice and expertise as they will do it on their own.

How can you make opportunities stem from this point? Remember that although now you know many things about how your clients work thanks to point 1, there will still be information you will never have access to. Your customers are the best positioned to have a global insight on their marketing campaigns and their company’s strategy. They see how their actions can impact other fields in their business. So don’t hesitate to give your customers the autonomy to control their digital campaigns in their projects if they wish to, and teach them your wisdom when it is necessary.


Respect and be respected


This last point is essential to raise the best new opportunities for your customers. You have to know that your work implies you controlling some very precious data, and people allow you to because they trust you. So you have to take care of it and listen to every single decision of your clients. They are also entitled to have some objections towards the way you work with their projects and the answers you bring them.

Furthermore, your customers must also demonstrate respect to your work. Describe them the current marketing environment and the outcomes it can imply, especially that marketing campaigns are all but a stable thing today, and there is no need to panic when your results suddenly change in a way or another. Established respect between you and your customers can also strengthen communication, and that will accelerate everything, your objectives’ realization and other very good surprises as well!