4 min readUpgrade your campaigns with Call Tracking & Google Analytics integration

December 18 2020 | Marketing

Measuring performance comes central when talking about your marketing goals. More and more marketers are focusing on their ROI as core metric to drive their strategy. And tools like Google Analytics are becoming a must-have for everyday reporting on website traffic and online campaigns’ success. Mastering such analytics tools is now a required skill for teams.

What makes the difference between good and bad analytics is being able to quantify conversions from all your digital campaigns. This also includes your inbound phone calls from your traffic sources. How can you measure this one? By integrating a Call Tracking software directly with Google Analytics. This is completing your reports with call data and callers’ origins: website, Google Ads extensions, social media posts, …

Let’s see how easy it is to optimize your marketing campaigns’ analytics, by connecting Call Tracking and Google Analytics together.


Quantify inbound phone calls from your campaigns

With Google Analytics, it is simple to track online conversions from submitted forms, content download, newsletter subscriptions, … The only missing metric here is the number of inbound calls your company is receiving from these different traffic sources.

Call Tracking can perfectly match with Google Analytics to give you access to this data. This integration allows you to process your inbound call data right into your Google Analytics reports. Given how many phone leads you get from your digital campaigns, you can easily calculate their ROI.

For many companies, a lack of visibility on their phone MQLs is a real issue. For example, franchise networks need to measure accurately the number of contacts generated by their channels, including phone. Integration between Call Tracking and Google Analytics gives marketers the opportunity to collect their call data in one familiar environment. Then, they can include phone call metrics in their digital ROI calculation.


Take your conversion analysis deeper

But this is more than only about collecting your call data in Google Analytics. With Call Tracking integration, it is simple to relate phone conversions with other kinds of online traffic. And the same goes for online visitors’ behavior and marketing acquisition channels as a whole.

In your Google Analytics account, you can define received calls on tracking numbers as event goals. Each time you receive a call from a digital marketing medium, call data is saved by Google Analytics as a goal completion. Same way than for any online interaction data usually collected.

To take analysis even further, your reports can be filtered by tracking number, traffic source or channel. For example, you can compare in Google Analytics how many calls you received from SEO, SEA and Google My Business. This example is illustrated below.


With this, you can easily identify your callers and their online journey before calling you. And for indirect conversions, this data shows precisely your multichannel touchpoints with a lead.


Centralize your data in Google Analytics

It can take a loooong time to have all your marketing acquisition data available in one place. By integrating Google Analytics with Call Tracking, it is all up to you to considerably reduce this time. Your call data along with your other marketing KPIs in a single environment, sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Faster for both viewing AND comparing reports efficiently!

If digital makes sense to your company, this software is also for sending regular reporting updates to your teams and clients. This is how we help one of our customers to save a precious time, by giving him access to complete monthly reports. And on his side, he can forward them to his own contacts. In these reports, they can find call data directly collected from Google Analytics through the integration.


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Your digital strategy can only benefit from integrating Call Tracking with Google Analytics. On all reporting levels, it gives what you were missing to fully optimize your marketing campaigns.

It is easier for you to anticipate and make decisions, based upon a 360° vision of your campaigns’ ROI. You also have everything you need to deeply analyze your phone conversions, aside with other conversion types. What’s more, with this integration you can fin all your acquisition data in one place. This means a lot of saved time to make structured reporting to guide your decisions.

Want to learn more about how to start with this integration? Feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to answer your questions!