Does your company need Call Tracking?

Does your company need Call Tracking
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To continually improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you need to know what channels work and which ones aren’t performing.  Several analytical tools exist to compare the online conversions rates by traffic source (e.g. Google Analytics). But do you measure the number of calls generated by these campaigns?

Call Tracking consists in using unique and dedicated phone numbers, so-called tracking numbers, for each marketing support, each traffic source or visitor. You can then collect data on received calls for each number and assign them to your acquisition campaigns, advertising media, traffic sources and visitor sessions.

Does your business need Call Tracking? Find out by answering the six questions below.


1/ Are phone calls part of your customer acquisition strategy?

If your answer is yes, then understanding which marketing campaigns brings you calls is very important. Here are the top industries and sectors concerned:

  • Real Estate: in order to rent or buy a property, your prospects make online comparative research before calling you. Call Tracking enables you to compare the ROI of real estate portals.
  • Automotive: with Call Tracking, you analyze which ads are generating leads and which ones are not, through detailed reports presenting your phone calls by source, campaign, region, state, location and more. It records calls for review enabling you to return missed calls and recapture lost leads. It helps you to maximize your return on marketing investment and improve the conversion of leads to sales. 
  • Travel/ Hotels/ Restaurants: you receive a lot of phone calls to book reservations so calls are critical to your business. Thanks to Call Tracking, you will get accurate information about which traffic source led to a phone call: a visit on your website, a click on an Adwords campaign, an emailing, a partner website… You analyse which campaign bring you calls and bookings.
  • E-commerce: a phone call is an element that can convert customers faster because it reassures and provides accurate information about a product. Call Tracking lets you know the origin of each call to identify the communication channels that bring you the best return on investment.
  • Home services / Local stores: most of the time, your prospects and customers find you on Google and then contact you by phone to schedule an appointment. Call Tracking analyzes which keywords, ads, and campaigns are driving the calls that convert to new clients. It records calls for review enabling you to return missed calls and recapture lost leads.
  • Online directories: you reference companies as customers and you want to show them that calls are made following a visit on your directory. With Call Tracking, your customers know in detail the number of calls they received thanks to you.
  • Web agencies: by integrating Call Tracking to your offer, you prove your clients that you are generating leads and you enhance customer loyalty.
  • Franchise networks: each of your points of sale depicts an image of your company that stems from two marketing strategies, global and local. Thanks to Call Tracking, you can analyze and compare your marketing campaigns’ performances in real time, and for each of your point of sale. You can standardize your phone greeting system for your whole network thanks to all this tool’s features: greeting messages, messages to display during opening hours, calls redirection, …
  • BtoB sector, High-Tech and SaaS : Driving qualified phone leads to sales is one of the biggest responsibilities for SaaS and High-Tech teams. The conversion rate of your leads by phone is high. Call Tracking gives you the power to track inbound calls back to any marketing source, so you can prove and improve ROI.

2/ Do you know how to determine the Cost per lead generated through phone calling?

If your answer is no, then Call Tracking will enable you to complete the reporting on the performance of your advertising campaigns by integrating the telephone leads. You can accurately determine the Cost per lead and the Customer acquisition cost generated through phone calling.


3/ Do you know which marketing campaigns generate you leads?

If your answer is no, then  Call Tracking allows you to measure the performance of each campaign. By posting tracking numbers on your advertising media or associating a tracking number to each traffic source through dynamic insertion of numbers (DNI) on your website, you measure the most effective web traffic sources (Google Adwords, SEO , Social media, Referrals , Ebook, emailing … ) .


4/ Do you use web analytics?

If your answer is yes, then Call Tracking will be able to interface natively with your third-party web analytics software such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords via APIs . You save time by consolidating all of your conversion indicators on a single interface.


5/ Can you identify the keywords and Google Adwords campaigns that generate calls?

If your answer is no, then Call Tracking allows you to analyze the origin of calls per ad and keywords in your AdWords account. You identify the most performant keywords.


6/ Do you know how many phone calls you’re missing?

If your answer is no, Call Tracking will tell you precisely how many phone calls you missed, when and on which destination numbers so you call them back. You can also configure email notifications to receive the informations about missed calls with audio messages. The faster you call back your leads, the greater your conversion rate will grow.


Please let us know if you have any concerns or general feedback related to Call Tracking. We would be happy to schedule a demo with anyone that has additional or more involved questions.

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